Most organizations struggle to provide financial education to all students.
We equip every student for financial success.
We provide the best personal finance curriculum and
entrepreneurship education for colleges, high schools,
financial institutions and non-profit organizations.
A done for you
financial literacy program
for high school & college
students so educators
can do what they do best!
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5 tips to create an engaging financial curriculum

What we do

  • Create easy to use financial literacy curriculum for high school and colleges
  • Create partnerships to educate students and communities in personal finance and entrepreneurship
  • Train educators and administrators who desire to to provide financial education in their organization
  • Distinguish schools

Why choose the Financial Leadership Club of America?

Financial Literacy

  • Engaging Financial Education
  • Customized Curriculum – We customize our curriculum to your organization’s needs so that students have the best experience
  • Lesson require little to no preparation
  • Promote your organization


  • Looking for an entrepreneurship course to enhance your students’ educational experience?
  • Ask about how to incorporate “center for entrepreneurship” on your campus.
  • Semester or year long option available

Over 7,000 students served

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Current and Past Organizations served