We equip students, communities and small businesses for financial success. 1. We provide the best personal finance curriculum and
entrepreneurship education for colleges, high schools,
financial institutions and non-profit organizations.

2. We accelerate small business growth & economic development.
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5 tips to create an engaging financial curriculum

What we do

  • Create easy to use financial literacy curriculum for high school and colleges
  • Create partnerships to educate students and communities in personal finance and entrepreneurship
  • Train educators and administrators who desire to to provide financial education in their organization
  • Distinguish schools

Why choose the Financial Leadership Club of America?

Financial Literacy

  • Engaging Financial Education
  • Customized Curriculum – We customize our curriculum to your organization’s needs so that students have the best experience
  • Lesson require little to no preparation
  • Promote your organization

FLCA MBA (Minority Business Accelerator)

  • Coming Soon
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Over 20,000 students served

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